Some people just change their minds. When you have had your tubes tied in the past, the best way to become pregnant again is to have your tubes “untied”, or choose Tubal Reversal.

Tubal reversal is surgery done by opening both blocked ends of the tubes and stitching the healthy open ends together. This allows free passage for sperm and egg to meet and fertilize naturally in the Fallopian tube.

Up until recently, the only way to do this type of surgery was to make a large incision in the lower part of the abdomen, or “open surgery”. Dr. Maikis is the first surgeon in Tennessee to perform Robotic Tubal Reversal. This is done through four incisions each less than an inch long. The benefits of this surgical approach are many. The hospital stay used to be two nights in the hospital, now it is outpatient surgery. You go home the afternoon of surgery. The recovery time used to be a full six weeks off from work, now the recovery is only one week. This benefits your family, and is less time away from your daily activities. It is also a significant financial benefit as you are able to work a full five weeks more than with open surgery.

There is much less pain and scarring from Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery than from open surgery. This leads to a higher overall pregnancy rate because the spaces around the tubes are not damaged. The ability of the egg and sperm to meet is much higher when the spaces around the tubes are clear.

Pricing for Robotic Tubal Reversal